Who We Are

Vision, Values, Philosophy for Behavioral Health

Company Overview - Indelible Changes, LLC, based in Northern VA, is a private Behavioral Health agency that provides a continuum of prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery support services to children, adolescents, families, adults, groups, and couples. Our services are provided in an outpatient or home based setting, and focuses on social, mental, emotional, and behavioral problems including depression, anxiety, disruptive/conduct, trauma/stress/adjustment, and substance use. 

Our Vision - To be leaders in the field of Behavioral Health; and by example, inspire our industry to the highest standards possible.  

Our Values - Honor, Courage, Commitment

Honor - As Behavioral Health "Agents of Change," we believe Honor is the sum total of our ethical and moral character.  A character further defined by our uncompromising code of integrity.  We believe in the highest standards of dignity for ourselves, our clients, and our community. 

Courage - As aspiring leaders in the field of Behavioral Health, we believe Courage is required to change.  In this context, Courage involves the ability to continuously evaluate ourselves, seek feedback from others, and constantly evolve.  Courage is about considering what we may need to improve, and then doing so.  We have to demonstrate Courage before we can ask our clients to do the same.  

Commitment - Behavioral Health is our craft, and we have an unrelenting desire to know our craft intimately.  Our Commitment to Serving is why we strive for a level of excellence in all endeavors.  We believe in raising the bar, and then raising it again. 

Our Philosophy - We believe that everyone deserves a rewarding and self-determined life.  Our approach to treatment is holistic; and our goal is to understand  and treat the whole person.  Within the scope of our competencies, and through our network of associates, we believe Indelible Changes occur when people have their needs met.  We believe quality services began with a quality assessment of strengths and needs across many domains, followed by clearly defining concerns, and then agreeing on a course of action.  Lastly, and because "it takes a village," we believe in the power of collaboration with our clients, referral sources, and stakeholders.  

Our Agents of Change -  At Indelible Changes, we believe that in order to accomplish everything listed here, Our Agents of Change (Our Staff) must exhibit the following qualities: 

  • Invested in upholding the integrity of our Vision, Mission, Values, and Philosophy 
  • Solution Focused at all times
  • Sees challenges, obstacles, and problems not as an opportunity to complain, criticize, point fingers, or quit; but rather as an opportunity to explore, self-evaluate, learn, and grow stronger
  • Knows that to get a return on your investment, you have to support others and above all else, willing to roll your sleeves up and pitch in
  • Understands our business environment, clientele, product, services, and craft 
  • Can put aside self-serving interests and attitudes for the greater good of the Team 
  • Understands that an individual cannot be successful unless the entire Team is also successful 
  • Understands that learning is constant, and is committed to continual professional development 
  • Does not get sucked into negativity; but rather seeks to help others find solutions 
  • Is supportive when others need it most 
  • Leads by example
  • Honestly communicates up, down, and across 
  • Welcomes honest feedback as an opportunity to understand and grow 
  • Adaptable to change, focused on the big picture, understands the need to innovate, and evolve 
  • Avoids complacency 
  • Relies on the power of our Relationships with our clients to produce change